Qing Yang (Jane)

I am based in Launceston, Tasmania, and have been in contract with Madeline Gordon Gallery for 5 years. I used to live in Shanghai (China) and taught art at Donghua University there.

I mainly paint with acrylic and watercolour, or a combination of the two. Many of the artworks incorporates oriental ink painting techniques to the modern impressionist style, which creates a poetic multicultural impression. Australia’s unique landscape and creatures are important sources of inspiration, especially the wide variety of beautiful birds. I also have backgrounds in many other media including printmaking, pastels and embroidery. (either’ mediums’ or ‘media’ will do for the plural of ‘medium’, if it helps consistent with other artists’ bios)

In recent years, my works have been featured in two solo exhibitions and five group exhibitions at Madeline Gordon Gallery. Some have been purchased and collected by people around the world.

At the moment, I am focusing on exploiting acrylic’s rich expressive power through landscape and still life paintings, with the hope to discover more ways to create dialogues between art and nature.