Madeline Gordon Gallery

A Series of Drawings, Paintings and Collages

Sardul Gill

January 2024

Primarily a painter, Sardul Gill works across a broad range of media which includes, installation, printmaking, line drawing, collage and photography. His practice is stimulated by a fascination with nature and theories related to energy and chaos.

For Sardul, the surface becomes an arena where he unites art, spirituality and modern science. Reflecting on the connection between these subjects, he refers to the ways in which British landscape artists have historically used the landscape as a vehicle for reflecting and exploring spirituality.

Some of the art works presented here are often quick/spontaneous responses to elements of nature and as such rarely suggest any sense of place in the landscape. Both aspects, that is physically relating to nature and subsequent engagement with making artwork have potentially beneficial effect on him in terms of mental and physical wellbeing. Sardul describes the act of painting as a form of self-discovery, and “of finding one’s place in the wider context of the universe and within the natural order of things”.

The visual quality of marks generated in the final pieces always reflect the qualities found in the original marks made in his sketch book. With careful choices made from the original drawings, Sardul may layer more than one drawing into single final piece and in some cases, layers are created with use of collage material. At first sight collages may look remotely different from the black and white drawings but they use the same original drawings. This approach surprisingly produces unpredictable outcome both in the black and white drawings as well as the collages which he finds fascinating.

“The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience in the sensation of the mystical, it is the fundamental emotion in the pursuance of art and science” – Albert Einstein

Sardul Singh Gill
January 2024

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