Madeline Gordon Gallery

Feeling Kerala

Joanna Pinkiewicz


The works in this exhibition are inspired by a place, culture and people that had a deep impact on me, soaked into my being like a warm mazha (pronounced mara, rain).
My reflections can only narrowly, yet I hope poetically, convey my impressions of Kerala; the lush tropical flora, the warm and welcoming people and the love, hard work and devotion visible in everyday life.
I travelled to Kerala as an artist for the purpose to visit the 2022-23 Kochi- Mizuris Contemporary Art Biennale. I met many fellow artists and students; visited art collages and cultural centres.
In this exhibition I extend my normal use of materials and move my work into three dimensions.
The painting canvases become open containers, dripping with colours in wax impasto. I reference architecture, cultural symbols, festivals and everyday street life experiences, such as going to the market or having chai under a blue tarp roof.
I welcome everyone to attend the exhibition and celebrate the joy and awe of travel to new places.

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