Madeline Gordon Gallery

Sediment Pours

Penny Coss


it’s not meant to be so hot now

where is the calendar?

Sediment Pours, 2024 is part of an ongoing project about changing weather patterns. Continuing to work with paint pours , this exhibition includes new surfaces and scales to challenge my processes in the iterative history of layering. The placement of each layer and their repetition are interconnected with each pour carefully considered , anticipating the colours to bleed, stain or coalesce and overlap or lay adjacent to each other.

the weather forecast is always wrong,

its only October

I started a record of making colour patterning as witness to my mother’s repeated commentary about the weather. I reflected on her resistance to the changing weather patterns and understood them to be part of an embodied cycle of predictability over her 90 years on this earth. The repeated commentary builds and I visually express this through my work as a daily process, the titles of which are derived from my mother’s expression of the changes in the seasons and the weather.

These quiet works make a subtle yet powerful commentary on the increasing extremes of climate change as observed through my ongoing dialogue with my mum and, by implication, the anxiety that climate change instils in those we hold dear. Trying to find ways to talk about the effects of climate change through the intimacy of our shared experiences is the idea behind this body of work.

Penny Coss, 2024.

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