Cats on the carpet

Susan Doust

mixed media on canvas / 122 x 91.5 cm


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Susan Doust

I paint and draw with a range of media, including acrylics, pastels and ink. I often ‘sculpt’ the image on the canvas to add dimension to the surface with varied forms and textures. I paint real life but as my own interpretation. My subject matter of plants and animals is often juxtaposed with human made objects and habitats, sometimes verging on semi-abstract.

My affinity for drawing plants and birds stems from my background in ecology. I have a PhD in botany and my work as a scientist has taken me from tropical rainforest environments to the icy continent of Antarctica where I have lived on remote islands studying penguins and other seabirds.  Nature and our place amongst it will always be an inspiration for my art.  SJD

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