For life and bones 

Anna Van Stralen

acrylic paint on plywood 


These works are part of a mixed media project called Nurtured Resonance. It is a response to the local environs of Tamar island as a site for personal encounters with an authentic emotional language seeking to describe to experience of “the bubble” a time of child rearing, personal sacrifice and interpersonal richness. Traversing walkers, the patterns of the weather, the fall of light and the sometimes brutal and sometimes profound lives of the living things which are encountered in this landscape all become metaphors to explain time lived in the thrall of simple impulses and needs.

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Anna Van Stralen

Anna Van Stralen completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Art with Honours in 2014, through the University of Tasmania, majoring in Painting. Since then she has been living and working in Launceston, helping raise her family, pursuing her painting practice and teaching tertiary painting at Tasmanian College of the Arts.

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