Shimmer (Lavender and Cream)

Mandy Hunniford

Oil on canvas / 45 x 91 cm


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Mandy Hunniford

“Mandy Hunniford is one of Tasmania’s most exciting and inspiring contemporary artists. Mandy’s love of Tasmania is deep and through her highly developed skill as a storyteller provides a multi-layered visual experience and narrative for the viewer. Her paintings encapsulate Tasmania’s unique heritage qualities, community sentiment and values, personal stories of everyday people and highlight the robustness, fragility and power of Tasmania’s natural environment. Mandy’s contribution to Tasmania will be acknowledged well into the future”.

Matthew Smithies – Director, National Trust Tasmania

“Just as the Hunniford name is synonymous with the formative era of Queenstown so is Mandy helping to chart a cultural path for modern Queenstown. With determination and sensitivity, she has created space – and dedicated time – to honour her hometown through a contemporary visual arts lens. After a decade of artistic focus and a deep level of commitment to her practice, Mandy’s work brings together and symbolises Queenstown’s art-mining future”.

Travis Tiddy – Artistic Director, The Unconformity

Mandy is an established Tasmanian artist with a strong exhibition history and presents rich, visual experiences, seeking out both the sorrow and the beauty and how we are shaped by those elements. Mandy works full time in her studios in Queenstown and Karoola on large scale, multimedia exhibitions, installations and productions that have painting at their core. Tasmania’s diverse and striking heritage, its remarkable landscape and it’s unique island identity are all highlighted in Mandy’s work.

After pushing the boundaries of what the mysterious, contested and beautiful Tasmanian landscape looks like, Mandy now also explores these questions. How do we fit in this land? What are our stories? What secrets do the towns hold? With fragments of whimsey, sadness and hope, Mandy produces an inventive and stimulating demonstration of contemporary art practice.

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