Leoni Duff

After studying Music and Education in my 20’s I found that the connection between the history of Music and the visual arts led me in my 40’s to pursue a lifelong desire to communicate the themes of the human condition through painting. I connected  deeply to my love of the Baroque era with its profound human and spiritual themes with my own experiences of contemporary life, and set about to master the language of painting, and then to speak as powerfully as I could into my own times. I see my paintings as visual music and an attempt to engage in an intimate dialogue on timeless themes.

I have established a small private art school where I have invited the greatest painters and arts practitioners from Australia and Internationally to my studio to teach and share their knowledge with me and with fellow artists. In this way, I am engaged in continuous growth and challenge in my own work and have created a network of connections and lifelong friendships that have enriched my life and the life and practice of many others.

I regularly enter my work in major national art prizes and have been encouraged by the recognition I have received.