Sonja Brough

My production of Smugs, cups and more is a testament to the intricate details and
subtle nuances that exist in Tasmanian geological landscape. I not only strive to
recreate these elements in clay but to also draw on formal qualities of art such
as; lines, patterns and groupings of colour that evoke an intermit grounding other
than a utilitarian experience.

I exploit the evolutionary qualities inherent with using clay as an art medium. I lose
myself then find myself oscillating between the delicate balance of form and
function. I use the mass production process of slip casting as a base to launch my
desire to create unique captivating surfaces. These surfaces are an individual
voice to each Smug/cup. No two pieces are the same nor should they be.
I am constantly aiming for a balance between tradition and innovation. While
honouring the rich history of ceramics, I also push the boundaries of the medium,
experimenting with firing and surface treatments. This constant exploration/
obsession allows me to create unique and captivating surfaces. These works are
infused with a sense of authenticity and a deeper appreciation for the
craftsmanship and the artistry of ceramics.

I invite viewers to engage with my work, to touch, to feel, and to experience the
visual depth a flat surface. These are paintings that you are permitted to touch.