Madeline Gordon Gallery

The Sentinels

Robyn Harman

March 2024

Standing at the water’s edge on this island of Tasmania we are confronted by the expanse of sea and sky. We collect memories of our experiences on beaches, headlands and the shallow edges of the ocean. The Tasmanian coast is an environment that inspires contemplation and demands a creative response.

In this exhibition I continue my exploration of rocks and islands around our coast. Viewpoints shift from the earth’s genesis and geological murmurings in deep time to a digital freeze-frame of the briefest moment when the sea reflects the light in a certain way. One moment recorded and merged with the unimaginable timespan and countless tides that shape our rocky coast and work these monoliths.

Rocks stand mute and resolute in steadfast solitude. The constant movement of wind and water, the gradual erosion of stone, abstraction in a reflection, the perception of time; these are the common base elements.

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