Jenny McDuff OAM

My Tasmanian connection began in 1992 when studying for my Post Graduate work in Printmaking. Further to that was a teaching term in 1996 at Launceston Grammar School. It was here that the friendship with Helene began and later all of her family.

Artist Statement:

My art practice has spread over 50 years exhibiting mainly in Queensland, later in Sydney and in the 2000’s in Japan 

I worked in the arts as an art teacher in Secondary Schools and later teaching art curriculum to Primary and Early Childhood Teachers.

The works have varied in materials but I’ve been predominately a painter and printmaker. That has seen the work in Government and some private Collections along with the collection of etchings completed in Tasmania and on the topic of Vietnam being purchased by The Australian War Memorial in Canberra in 1993

“There is something poignant about collecting “stuff” that can be used or discarded in paintings. There is humour from friends, inevitable sadness when things and people die but the connection is the  brief time we spend contemplating and producing and discovering the magic that is art.”