Madeline Gordon Gallery

Echoes of Nature

Michael Weitnauer


This exhibition is a compilation of recent painting I have completed over the past 8 months. It includes some of my traditional styled paintings, Landscape Re-imagined works and a new direction with my Echoes of Nature paintings. I enjoy the challenge of working with these different directions which are for me still closely inter-connected, in that they all focus on my love of painting and interpreting the natural landscape and our relationship with it.

The Echoes of Nature Series has been largely inspired by the many gardens I observe daily in my neighbourhood and other surroundings. Each seeks to create its own piece of ‘nature’, albeit in most cases with exotic species.

The Echoes of Nature Series of paintings encapsulate a range of species that have caught my attention, and with a little irony I have transplanted these images ‘bonsai-style’ onto canvas. In some cases I have also intentionally modified the image of a species so as to lend some artistic enhancement to the overall painting. On another level, I seek to emphasise how our European culture has integrated with an Ancient Land, unchanged for at least sixty millennia up until a little more than two centuries ago, introducing an ‘echo of nature’ from other lands.

M T Weitnauer
June 2024

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